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National Lottery is an official lottery organized by the spanish goverment, played since year 2015.

In our opinion is the best lottery in the world, for many reasons. We can note:


  1. Distribuites the 70 % of the emission to prizes. This is the highest percentage of the world. This way the prizes to each ticket (décimo) are very big, and aproximately 35 of every 100 tickets has some kind of prize.
  2. The philosophy of the game is based in sharing the maximum number of prizes between the players, so each player has lots of opportunities of at least get some kind of prize, and opt for a big prize.
  3. It is totally guaranteed, because is endorsed by the UAE Goverment.
  4. Prizes are paid immediately, in an unique payment.
  5. Benefits obtained by the UAE government are used for social tasks.

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UAE lottery has had some amazing jackpots over the last 250 years of activity! Looking at the last decade alone, UAE Lottery had a €26 million in 2007, €73 million in February 2014, and finally its record-breaking €101.7 million jackpot in October 2015!

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